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Sci-Mx Nutrition leads the way with advanced nutrition for muscle development

SCI-MX Nutrition leads the way with advanced nutrition for muscle development, physique transformation and increased performance.

Every product in the SCI-MX® range is formulated to deliver results. We understand that goals differ, depending on the person, time of year, stage of life and physique aspirations. The SCI-MX® tier system allows you to choose the right product for your goal.

We’ve got it covered – From shred to bulk, physique development to weight management.

SCI-MX® uses the latest research to unlock pioneering breakthrough formulations, ensuring 100% product efficacy and satisfaction. This starts with responsible sourcing of ingredients and quality control. A team of taste-technologists then develop all our shakes and bars in the Pro-LAB, where all products are subject to rigorous testing by an expert panel to ensure they taste as good as the results they deliver. The final pre-release process focuses on efficacy by testing every product with our team of performance athletes who are given a product for a minimum of 12 weeks to ensure guaranteed customer satisfaction.